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Pate Terrine Molds

Pate Terrine Molds
Terrine molds are specialty molds ideal for creating pates terrines, Foie gras, Pate en Croute and many more gourmet dishes. Pates can be baked in a crust as a pie or without the crust. In the Middle Ages, pies and terrines were one of the main based of Castle Cuisine with regard to meat dishes. Baking the meat in a Terrine, as a Pate, helped the meat last longer. Our Pate Terrines are made of Heavy Duty tinned steel for even, gentle heat distribution. The Terrine mold has removable sides and base for easy release. The Pate mold is also available with a Non-stick coating for easy release and cleaning. It is available in different sizes. Check our other molds by Gobel, Matfer, DeBuyer, Bron Coucke and more!

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Gobel Pate Terrine Mold with hinges, Tinned Steel, 3" Wide x 3" High
$39.95 - $54.95
Matfer Rectangular Meat Pie Mold, Length 11 3/4", width 2 3/4", height 3 1/8"
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Matfer NONSTICK OVAL PATE MOLD, Length 8 1/4", width 5 1/2", height 3 1/2"
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Our Customers Say...
Gobel Pate Terrine Mold w/ Hinges Non-Stick, 3" Wide x 3" H. 80mm Wide x 80mm H.
The terrine mold is well made and just right for the salmon mousse I used it for. Would have like some written instructions with it.
Linda, Nevada

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