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Montagud Editores Cocktail Cuisine

Montagud Editores Cocktail Cuisine
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Cocktail Cuisine
by Tony Botella
214 pages, hardcover

Although this may not be the first time that miniature cuisine is presented, this is the first time a book treats the subject with the importance it deserves and a completely modern focus.

Tony Botella, a great professional and researcher of gastronomy, creates small culinary treats that combine traditional and avant-garde cuisine. Cocktail Cuisine illustrates his will to break away from the traditional idea of appetizer pieces.

It presents elaborate culinary delights, a full-fledged cuisine that captures seasonal flavors. Demonstrated in this book are appetizers that are fresh, light, hot or cold, liquid or solid, but most of all always perfect for turning a cocktail gala into a special event.

Features such dishes as:

  • Gorgonzola dumpling
  • Foie bonbons with orange
  • Spoonful of Japanese noodles and salmon roe
  • Turkey ribs with soy caramel sauce
  • Truffle yogurt
  • Much more

Each recipe contains step-by-step techniques and attractive full-color photographs of the final assembly.

Let Cocktail Cuisine open your eyes to Tony Botella's new concept and give you the creative inspiration in the art of creating these morsels.


  1. The Workshop
  2. Why Eat Standing Up?
  3. Recipe Index
    • Foie Bonbons
    • Shapes in Toast
    • Tartars
    • Glasses
    • Bamboo Skewers
    • Fried Morsels
    • Stews in a Cup
    • Spaghetti
    • Makicanapés
    • Ribs
    • Additional Hors d'Oeuvres

Basic Recipes

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