Callebaut Chocolate: A Belgian Tradition

Watch for a short history lesson about Callebaut Chocolate

We once did an Instagram survey to find out which was the preferred chocolate among chocolatiers. Can you guess who the winner was? If you’re a chocolatier or chocolate lover, you’ve probably worked with or heard of Callebaut chocolate.

Made in Belgium, Callebaut is among some of the highest quality couverture chocolate in the world. The company has been producing premium-quality chocolate for over 100 years.

What sets Callebaut apart from other chocolates you ask? Callebaut sources only the finest cocoa beans from South America and Africa to ensure the highest quality in every bite. The chocolate is crafted using traditional Belgian methods, resulting in a smooth and rich flavor that is truly delicious.

Callebaut offers a wide range of chocolate products, including dark, milk, white, and fruit-flavored chocolate, as well as crispearls, pastes, and modeling products. The list goes on! It is a brand that professional chefs can respect and appreciate in their line of work since they consistently produce high-quality ingredients. Whether you’re a pastry chef or a home baker, Callebaut is the perfect chocolate for all your chocolate creations. We recently introduced the line at BakeDeco & it has become one of our best sellers!

At BakeDeco we have a wide variety of Callebaut products. We offer different flavors and a variety of sizes to choose from. Check out our selection below!

In addition to its amazing flavor, Callebaut is also known for its ethical practices and commitment to sustainability. They are dedicated to supporting farmers and promoting sustainable agriculture practices. With everything said, you can feel good the next time you indulge in Callebaut chocolate.

What do you think about Callebaut chocolate? Is it your chocolate of choice? Drop a comment & let us know.

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