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Bakedeco / Kerekes is a distributor of Restaurant Supplies & Equipment for every food service establishment.
We feature a full line of high quality Pastry and Bakery Tools, Supplies and Commercial Kitchen Equipment for every chef.

New Arrivals

Wilton Copper Fall & Winter Cookie Cutters, Set of 15

Silikomart "KALIPSO 450" Flexible Baking & Freezing Mold, 15.21 Oz.

Gobel Square Cake Ring 4.75" x 1.75" H (120mm x 45mm H)

Silikomart "KIT KLASSIK 580" Silicone Mold, 9.80 oz, 2 cavities

Silikomart "PLISSE 100" Disc Silicone Mold, 3.38 oz, 2 cavities

Silikomart "PLISSE 23" Disc Silicone Mold, 0.77 oz, 6 cavities

Silikomart "PLISSE 7" Disc Silicone Mold, 0.23 oz, 15 cavities

Silikomart Silicone Bakeware "Disco", 5.24 oz (155 ml) 15 cavities

Silikomart Silicone Mold, Swirl .54 oz., 1.87" x .78", 15 Cavities

Silikomart KIT TARTE RING PALET 150mm, Ring and Mold

Silikomart KIT TARTE RING PALET 70mm, Ring and Mold

Silikomart KIT TARTE RING KLASSIK 70mm, Ring and Mold

Silikomart KIT TARTE RING FLEUR 80mm, Ring and Mold

Silikomart KIT TARTE RING COCOA 70mm, Ring and Mold

Silikomart "KIT COSMOS 105" Flexible Baking & Freezing Mold, 3.5 Oz., 6 Cavities

Featured Products

Sprinkle Pop Rainbow Road Sprinkle Mix, 8 oz.

Sprinkle Pop Vintage Rose Gold Sprinkle Mix, 8 oz.

Edde White Poured Fondant, 4.4 lbs

Edible Art Dark Rose Metallic Water Activated Paint

Edible Art Metallic Color Food Paint Palette

Edible Art Primary Paint Set, 8 Colors

Mini CakeSafe Cake Carrier, 14" x 14" x 16" H

Spherificator Automatic Edible Food Pearl/Caviar Former for Modernist Cooking Techniques by Cedarlane

Martellato Spinner Electric Cake Turntable

Silikomart "NOCCIOLA 125" Flexible Freezing Mold, 4.23 Oz., 5 Cavities

Silikomart Multiflex Drop White Silicone Mold, 5 Cavities, 3.15" x 2" x 1.77" High

Silikomart "UNIVERSO 90" Flexible Baking & Freezing Mold, 3.04 Oz., 6 Cavities

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