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Bakedeco / Kerekes is a distributor of Restaurant Supplies & Equipment for every food service establishment.
We feature a full line of high quality Pastry and Bakery Tools, Supplies and Commercial Kitchen Equipment for every chef.

New Arrivals

Martellato Meltinchoc Digital Chocolate Tempering Machine, 6 Liters

Novacart Panettone Paper Baking Mold 6-5/8" x 4-5/16" High, Case of 405

Gobel Madeleine Baking Sheet, 3.15", 36 Cavities

Plastic Container for 8" Round Layer Cake, Case of 100

Plastic Container for 7" Round Layer Cake, Case of 100

Silikomart ESPOGEL UP MINI Ice-Cream-Pop Display Holder, Frosted Clear

Pavoni Silicone TWISTER Mold, 66mm Dia. x 35mm H, 12 Cavities

Silikomart "FRAGOLA 120" Silicone Baking & Freezing Mold

Round Black Mono Board, 5", Case of 200

Silikomart "LIMONE & LIME" Silicone Baking & Freezing Mold

Silikomart Rectangle Jellyflex Mold, 12 Cavities

Russian Sphere Piping Nozzles, Stainless Steel Tubes, Set of 19

Silikomart "THE RING 65" Silicone Baking & Freezing Mold

Pavoni Pavocake Silicone HONORE Mold, 230mm x 105mm x 48mm H

Demarle Flexipan Round Cake / Cheesecake Pan 10.06" Dia. x 1.93" H, 87.57 Oz

Featured Products

ChocoVision C116REV2B110V Rev2 B Chocolate Tempering Machine, 110V

Manual Stainless Steel Fruit Juicer

Orange Edible Sugar Pearls Decoration Balls 4mm

Dobla Jumbo Chocolate Curls, 5.5 lbs

PCB Chocolate Transfer Sheet, Rococo Design - Pack of 17

Silikomart Silicone Kit Bubble Crown Baking and Freezing Mold

Dobla Chocolate Eyes 3D, 252 Pieces - Case of 252

Silikomart Silicone "KIT SAHARA 1250" Baking and Freezing Mold

Chicago Mold School CL13 Autumn Cake Liner Silicone Mold

Nordic Ware 91737 Crown Bundt Pan

Vollum High Heat Leather Oven Mitts, Resistant to 932F

Silikomart "GEMMA" Flexible Baking & Freezing Mold

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