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Fondant, Gum Paste and Edible Supplies

Fondant, Gum Paste and Edible Supplies
Bakedeco.com is your online portal for the finest selection of fondant, gum paste, and edible supplies. From modeling ingredients, icing and gels, sugars and isomalts, to pastry fillings to fondants, we've got you covered.
Fondant Icing for Your Cake Decorating Needs
Edible Cake Laces and Fabrics for Cake Decorations
Sugars and Isomalts for Your Cake Decorating Needs
Your One-Stop Shop for Pastry Filling
Giving Top-Quality Icings and Gels
The Best Cake Decorating Modeling Ingredients
Create Intricate Cake Decorating Pieces
Cover Cakes with Quality Modeling Chocolate
Turn a simple cake into a sweet treat worthy of a celebration. At Bakedeco.com, we offer top-quality fondant, gumpaste, and edible supplies. We have a wide selection to choose from if you need pastry fillings for your cakes, pies, or tortes. We also have a range of modeling ingredients, edible fabrics, sugars, and more for your baking needs!