Choosing Tcho

Choosing Tcho

Let’s take a quick look at a new brand here at BakeDeco, Tcho Chocolate. A mouthful we know, but after reading this article you might consider getting a handful of their products.

Tcho is a fairly new company that is making quite a splash in the pastry world. Tcho products feature Fair Trade Certified ingredients and are Vegan and Kosher. Tcho also has an amazing initiative called Tcho Source. 

“TCHO Source is our unique program for partnering with cacao producers and research institutions worldwide to create a better cacao bean because better cacao means better chocolate.

And we’re not just talking about the quality and taste of the cacao beans; we’re talking about how they’re grown, harvested, roasted, and moved along every point along the supply chain. We care about the people behind cacao, from the farmer to the roaster and all the communities in-between.” (



This is how most of us describe what chocolate tastes like because the most abundantly used cacao is from west Africa, which is very chocolatey in flavor.

Cacao Beans From: Ghana


Flavor notes that remind you of roasted almonds, walnuts, and even parts of a nut like almond skin. Roasting levels provide nutty notes as well.

Cacao Beans From: Ecuador


All cacao beans come from the soil. so depending on origin flavors like tobacco. dried forest leaves and even dried clay are vibrantly present.

Cacao Beans From: Haiti & Ghana


Mandarin orange, lemon,lime, grapefruit, and other ‘juicy’ citrus flavors. Even a light sour creaminess, or juice from raspberries.

Cacao Beans From:



Fresh fruit notes like sour cherry, raspberry, strawberry, and acai. Dreid fruit like raisins, dried plum, dried cherries, and figs.

Cacao Beans From:

Peru & Madagascar


Rose, jasmine, nutmeg, allspice, and cinnamon. Even vanilla can be classified as floral. Or the sense you get when smelling a very large valencia orange.

Cacao Beans From:

Ecaudor, Peru, and the Carribean.


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