Color Your World: How to Color Chocolate

How to Color Chocolate

Coloring Chocolate can be tricky so it’s important to apply the proper techniques in order to achieve the best results. 

Choose the correct type of color: There are many color options on the market. Be sure to choose colors that are designed specifically for chocolate. You can opt for oil-based candy colors or powder food colors. Avoid any water-based colors.

Melt the chocolate properly:Before you begin coloring, it’s important to make sure your chocolate is fully melted. This will ensure your color is fully blended.

Ways to Color

  • Oil-based powder color: Powder color is one way to color chocolate. Make sure to choose only food-grade powder color that is specifically designed for chocolate.

Popular powder color options

  • Oil-based Liquid color: Liquid color or “candy colors” is the most popular way to color chocolate. Quickly achieve bold and bright colors with oil-based candy colors.

Popular oil-based color options

Cocoa Butter: An alternative to coloring chocolate when creating molded chocolates is creating an outer shell using cocoa butter. Cocoa butter comes pre-colored or plain and can be colored with oil-based coloring. It must be tempered before use to ensure a glossy finish.

Popular cocoa butters

Coloring chocolate can be a fun and creative way to add a wow factor to your desserts. Whether you are making chocolate bonbons, bars, or chocolate-covered treats, a pop of color will make them stand out. So go ahead, unleash your inner artist, and start coloring your chocolate!

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