Exploring the World of Pastry: Innovative Equipment

In the busy world of baking, where time is of the essence, having the right tools and equipment is key. Gone are the days of labor-intensive practices and long hours. The introduction of cutting-edge technology has ushered in a new era, empowering bakers with advanced tools that streamline their operations. Let us help you work smarter, not harder. Check out these time saving pieces of equipment that will help increase efficiency and improve production. 

Our Top Picks

Martellato EASY SPHERE 24mm Machine


EasySphere is the innovative tool that allows you to reduce production times by 50% compared to the manual method, with nothing short of excellent results.

Thanks to the internal roller it is possible to cut the dough very easily and shape perfectly shaped spheres. EasySphere can be used by any operator maintaining the processing and size standard.

Pavoni Cookmatic Tartlet Machine


Cookmatic is designed for the production of bases, tartlets and both sweet and savoury pastries. Thanks to the interchangeable plates, you will be able to make different shapes and sizes quickly. The combination of the two plates ensures the production of perfectly cooked and shaped tartlets. The new interface allows for faster and more intuitive programming. Cookmatic is easy to clean and suitable for continuous production over several hours.


The Cookmatic is easy to use and incorporates special software for accurate cooking control. Just set the desired temperature and time to turn out perfect bases every time. With just one operator you can produce around 700 mignon tartelettes in an hour.


Somerset SPM-45 Pastry Turnover Machine


The SPM-45 has a compact design that is easy to clean. It is a simple hand operated machine which can create big profits for your business. It can make a wide range of different products by simply changing the dies. All finished products will have a perfect seal with no need to brush the edges with egg wash or other sealants.

Martellato Dough and Batter Level


Level speeds up times, simplifies steps and reduces costs. A handy and practical dough roller on wheels that allows you to quickly create precise and uniform layers, as thick or thin as you want. It facilitates and speeds up the uniform spreading of semi-liquid compounds such as biscuit, sponge cake, chocolate.

Omcan Dough Sheeter 


Suitable for bakeries, restaurants, and hotels, Omcan’s dough sheeter is designed for optimal performance. Equipped with safety features, preset roller thickness controls, and foldable tables for space saving storage, this machine increases your bakery’s production and efficiency. This sheerer is safe to operate and easy to clean.

By incorporating some of these top picks into your production line, you can save time, reduce labor costs, & waste, as well as boost your overall productivity. So, invest wisely and enjoy the benefits of these outstanding machines!

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