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As the weather gets warmer and the days get longer and the long summer days are in sight, winter transitions into spring. 

The new season brings with it new flavors and its own unique fruits.

Sweet cherries and strawberries and tart grapefruits and lemons. Eating seasonal is essential for the eco-conscious consumer and provides a delicious way to connect to nature.

Here at BakeDeco, we take our responsibility to keep our customers in the loop very seriously. This year there is a trend of realism in desserts and ice cream is not left out! Make a lemon-flavored cherry-shaped dessert or a cherry-flavored grapefruit that will shock and impress your friends and family.


Realistic Fruit Single-Portion Desserts

Or keep things classic with a trendy twist with the newest ice cream molds from Martellato, Pavoni, and Silikomart. The brand new Martellato Brick mold combines the classic ice pop with a linear design. The Pavoni Pavogel Classic design comes in 3 or 12 cavities. Try the Silikomart ‘Stecco XXL’ & ‘Gel14’ as well as the ‘Shock’ mold with bold flavors like passion fruit and guava for a fun modern summer treat.

Ice Pops With A Twist

If semifreddo and gelato are more your thing, check out the Silikomart KIT DROP GEL, the new way of conceiving the decoration of the gelato trays. The kit consists of a silicone mold that allows you to create particular decorations in semifreddo, gelato, gelée, or spreadable creams for an original presentation of the artisan gelato trays. The kit, characterized by ease of use, includes the handy flat mat Tapis Gel to make inserts and variations and obtain original and different taste combinations. 

Semifreddo & Gelato Tops

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Want to know how to make the desserts in this article? Look no further!

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