Transform Your House into a Winter Wonderland

How To Make a Good Holiday Host

Are you having your first holiday in your new home but aren’t sure how to decorate or what to bake? You’re not alone. Although the holidays are generally fun and relaxing, they can also be stressful. When planning the perfect holiday party there are a lot of factors that have to be taken into account. Here are some ideas, decorations, and baked goods that will make your holiday party the hit of the town.

What to Bake?

Unsure of what to bake for your holiday party? Cut-out sugar cookies are a safe bet. With so many different shapes to choose from, you can make a fashionable Frosty or a red nose reindeer. Either way, you’re friends will love the cute designs. Don’t forget to decorate them!


  • Channukah Metal Cookie Cutters: Item No. KWC-17165 – $5.95
  • Wilton Holiday Cookie Cutters: Item No. 2308-2500- $10.45
  • Wilton Comfort-Grip Cutter: Snowflake: Item No. 2310-592- $2.99

What Are Some Decorating Tips?

Baking the cookies are half the battle. Now you have to decorate them. We recommend that when decorating cookies, take your time. And remember they don’t have to be perfect. The first few may come out a bit wonky, but practice makes perfect. You’ll get it soon enough!


  • Mini Cappuccino Stencils: Item No. KITMS3- $6.50
  • Kuhn Rikon Cookie & Cupcake Deco Kit: Item No. K2464- $23.95
  • Sugar Roses for Cakes by, Tombi Peck: Item No. Bk-146- $26.95

Does Presentation Matter?

A holiday party is more than what you decide to bake. It’s also about the presentation of your treats. This year, try a festive tray or dish to celebrate the holidays and put your guests in the holiday spirit.


  • Novacart Gold Pastry & Cake Tray 9-3/8″ x 1305/16″: Item No. GBD6- $12.50
  • Wilton Treat Boxes: Item No. 415-102 – $3.25
  • Welcome Home Brands Snowflake Green Loaf Pan: Item No. CT8139C- $106.21

Should I Decorate My House?

It’s not enough to just bake cookies. Your house has to look like a winter wonderland. Decorate your tree, light your menorah, put candles in the window. You can also scatter smaller items around the house that will make it that much more festive.


  • Melamine Plate, Square, 10.25″ (12): Item No. M:-63-RSP- $103.80
  • Melamine Cascading Bowl 36 ounce (6): Item No. B-789-RSP- $84.30
  • Carlisle Ice Sculpture Swan: Item No. SSW1- $75.00

Getting your house ready for a holiday party is no easy feat. Following these directions, you will not only have holiday themed cookies, but the decorations and presentation of your baked goods will even get the grumpiest of people in the holiday mood. With these tips your house will be a winter wonderland before you know it!

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