9 Unique Grilling Ideas this Memorial Day

The perfect catalyst to kick off summer grilling season is Memorial Day Ė the ideal weekend to BBQ some steaks and enjoy the outdoors with your friends and family. Grilling is the most versatile way to prepare food, and with that versatility comes endless unique grilling ideas and grill accessories. Check out these nine grilling ideas to try this Memorial Day.


  1. Donít just have the best tasting burgers in the neighborhood Ė have the best-looking burgers, too, with a hamburger press for your grill. A hamburger press helps each patty have the same size and shape, leading your guests to wonder how a burger could ever be so perfect.
  2. If you donít have a smoker at home, you can still achieve that delicious flavor off the grill with a food infusion smoker. Their convenient, portable, design makes adding a fantastic smokey flavor to your meats (or even a drink) a breeze.
  3. No longer are the days when you need to break out the tin foil to grill some veggies beside your meat Ė there much more effective, reusable, options. With a grilling wok, you can better control how your vegetables cook on the grill, giving them an even better flavor, and they can be washed and reused again and again.
  4. Turn your oven or grill into a pizza oven with grill tiles. Simply lay the tiles on your grill racks, and you are free to cook pizza, calzones, or anything else you might find at your favorite pizzeria.
  5. For the most exceptional flavor and cooking consistency, cast iron is the way to go. Cast iron pots, pans, and griddles can be used in the oven, on the stovetop, in a grill, and even over a fire. They are the most versatile cooking accessory, and thankfully so, because nothing beats the wonderful cast iron flavor. They are perfect for an evening at home or lunch at the campsite.
  6. Conveniently grill shish kebabs with varying meats and veggies the whole party will love using trusty grill skewers. There are fantastic reusable options, as well as wooden skewers that makes enjoying a snack with a game of cornhole entirely possible.
  7. We donít often associate grills with breakfast or dessert, but thereís no reason not to! Continue the fun times outside with a delicious dessert made over your grill: crumble cookies! With an easy-to-use stovetop or grill accessory like a Krumcake Iron, you can make an Instagram-worthy dessert with your grill in a matter of minutes! Heat up the Krumcake Iron, add a bit of batter to both sides, and voila!
  8. Grill perfect meats, every time, with a meat thermometer. You donít have to disrupt your meat from being grilled to perfection by making a small slice to be certain itís cooked properly, which you then serve to your guests. Show your guests your expert grilling skills with your trusted partner in crime Ė your meat thermometer.
  9. Meat tenderizers are the difference between a steak that melts in your mouth and one that feels like a piece of gum. A meat tenderizer is a must if you want to become the person known for their barbecuing or grilling skills. There’s a wide variety of meat tenderizers to choose from, but you can’t go wrong when choosing from great brands like Oxo and Winware by Winco.†


There are countless tools and accessories available to help you take your grilling to the next level. Prepare to kick off Memorial Day, and the summer grilling season, on the right foot with grill accessories that are sure to impress at the family BBQ. Using our grilling ideas as a guide, youíll find long-lasting grilling tools that also improve your barbecuing skills. Time to fire up the grill!

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