Father’s Day Breakfast Ideas Sure To Impress Dad

We’re a few weeks away from Father’s Day!


Show your dad how much you appreciate him (and his dad jokes) by cooking up a hearty breakfast. In this article, we will share with you the best Father’s Day breakfast ideas and the tools you’ll need to prepare them. Let’s dive in!


  1. Southern-Style Fried Chicken and WafflesGive your dad a taste of Pennsylvanian cuisine with a chicken and waffle breakfast. Both savory and sweet, this dish is served with brined, seasoned and deep-fried chicken thighs and Belgian waffles. To prepare, you’ll need a tong, large mixing bowl, dutch oven for deep frying, and Belgian waffle maker.
  2. Homemade Maple-Glaze Breakfast SausageMake things extra special by creating pork patties from scratch. Don’t worry, it doesn’t take much work to mix ground pork and maple syrup, salt, garlic, sage, parsley, pepper, and fennel together and create ¼-inch thick patties. Prepare this meaty breakfast using the Lodge Logic Skillet with Assist Handle. Its seasoned cast iron reduces the time and effort to fry the patties.
  3. Lobster BenedictJune is lobster season! So if you want to get fancy with your surprise Father’s Day breakfast, go all out with this Lobster Benedict dish. Pair it with toasty English muffins for that sweet and savory combination. You’ll need a saute pan, strainer, mesh sieve, blender, and kitchen scissors to prepare this food. The curved saute pan from de Buyer is perfect for boiling down lobsters. It has a small base for rapid heating and a large rim for a high degree of evaporation while you’re stirring the ingredients.
  4. Father’s Day CookiesAfter indulging in savory and hot dishes, re-energize your dad’s appetite with home-baked Father’s Day cookies! Find out what his favorite flavors are and bake them yourself. Death by chocolate cookies, chocolate cookie bars, salted caramel cookies, and brownies are ideal for decadent chocolate lovers. Alternatively, look up vegan, keto, and oatmeal cookie recipes for healthier options. It’s best to create Dad-themed cookies for this occasion too. For example, BakeDeco offers Ann Clark cookie cutters in the shape of a tractor, hammer, football, wine bottle, wine glass, vintage truck, wrench, pliers, helicopter, rocket, motorcycle, car, airplane, drill, and so much more!


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