Cake Decorating for Dummies: The Tools You’ll Need to Get Started

If you are new to the world of cake decorating – welcome! We know that learning the great hobby of cake decorating can feel intimidating, but we’re here to help. If you equip yourself with the essentials, and understand how to effectively use them, then you will have the springboard you need for your creativity to soar. Here are all of the must-have tools you need to get into cake decorating:

Pastry Piping Bags: Pastry piping bags are perhaps the most commonly seen cake decorating tool. You will need to have pastry piping bags for many cake decorating designs, so it’s a high-priority essential to start your new hobby. Ateco offers a variety of options to choose from. Of course, with piping bags comes the need for piping tips, too. O’Creme is the true expert there, with many different piping tips available for varying projects and designs.

Rotating Decorating Table: Unless you will be decorating your cakes on a small, circular table, and plan to walk around it over and over while you decorate, you’ll need a rotating decorating table (also known as a turntable). Fantastic, reliable, brands like Ateco, Fat Daddio’s, and Wilton all have great rotating tables with varying looks and advantages. Some rotating tables even tilt at different angles, further improving your ability to decorate beautiful cakes.

Fondant Rolling Pins and Smoothers: Rolling out fondant is a big part of cake decorating, so having a trusty fondant rolling pin (or two) is a must. Of course, with fondant work also comes the need for fondant smoothers. Having both a pin and smoother will help make your dive into cake decorating seamless. Wilton offers both, as well as rolling pin guide rings to improve the quality of your design.

Spatulas and Tweezers: Your most-used cake decorating tools will quickly become your favorite spatula and tweezer set. Ateco and O’Creme both offer some fantastic options. Most cake decorating designs are impossible to accomplish without those two tools, so they are certainly one of the first two you will want to add to your collection when you are taking up cake decorating as a hobby.

Cake Pans: Last but certainly not least, you need something to bake the cake you’re decorating in. For the most reliable end-result, springform pans are recommended. They help you remove the pan from the cake, versus having to attempt to remove the cake from the pan. Wilton and Fat Daddios both have a variety of springform cake pans in different sizes, ensuring you can find the perfect pan for any cake decorating project.

Now that you are equipped with all of the essential cake decorating supplies and tools, it’s time to have fun with your new hobby and create stunning, as well as delicious, designs. As your passion for your hobby evolves and you begin to identify new techniques you want to try, rest assured there are countless additional cake decorating tools to help make any project gorgeous (no matter how far your creativity wonders).

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