Exploring Ponthier Frozen Fruit Purées

Ponthier Fruit Purées

When creating high-quality pastries, using the best ingredients is key. Pontheir is known for its high standards when it comes to producing only the highest quality purée. Ponthier’s mission is to embody the original taste of healthy fruit only found in mother nature. 

Culinary Uses:

Ponthier purées are versatile and can be used in a variety of culinary applications:

  • Desserts: Enhance sorbets, ice creams, mousses, and tarts
  • Beverages: Create refreshing smoothies, cocktails, and mocktails, or add a tropical twist to iced teas and lemonades.
  • Sauces and Dressings: Incorporate the purée into fruit sauces for desserts or as a tasty addition to salad dressings.
  • Baking: Use the purée in cake batters, glazes, and fillings for a burst of fruit flavor.

Goyave (Guava)

Ponthier sources its guava fruits from Vakinakaratra region of Madagascar. Guava fruits thrive in this region due to its rich volcanic soil, well drained land and sun exposure. Though guava fruit grows easily in tropical climates, its cultivation requires expert knowledge due to the delicateness of the fruit. Each guava fruit purée guarantees a tangy fresh flavor that embodies real guava fruit.

Fruit De La Passion (Passion Fruit)

Ponthier Passion fruit purées are made from carefully sourced Flavicarpa passion fruits from the province of Esmeralds also known as “the Green Province” of Ecuador known for its lush vegetation and fertile land.

Reason To Try Ponthier Fruit Purees:

Reason to try Ponthier fruit purees:

  • Each purée offers a rich flavor & natural sweetness.
  •  Fruits are ethically sourced
  • Versatility, Ponthier frozen fruit purées can be used in a wide range of recipes.



What is the best way to store Ponthier Fruit Purée products?

Answer: Keep unused purées in the freezer, and use airtight containers to avoid freezer burn.


Are Pontheir Purées made with natural ingredients?

Answer: Yes, they are made with real fruits.


Are Pontheir products Kosher?

Answer: Yes, they are Kosher certified.


Discover Pontheir Fruit Purees

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