Guide to Using Chocolate Transfer Sheets

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Chocolate transfer sheets can be intimidating to use for the first time, but with the right technique, you’ll see just how simple chocolate transfer sheets can actually be to use! Follow this guide to learn the most effective way to use a chocolate transfer sheet, helping you take your chocolate candy making to all new heights!


The first step when you plan to work with chocolate transfer sheets is to size your sheets out. Before filling your chocolate molds, hold your transfer sheet over the mold you plan to use it with, and cut the transfer sheet to fit over where your chocolate will be taking shape – that will help you make the most of your sheets. Be sure to leave room on the sides of where the chocolate will be placed for an easier removal process later.


Next, you will put the chocolate you made in your chocolate mold of choice. If you are working across several different molds for a large batch of chocolates, feel free to fill all of the molds you are using. Following that, you can place the chocolate transfer sheet over each of the chocolates in your molds, then chill the chocolate molds until the chocolate is firm. After your chocolate has chilled, simply pull off the transfer sheets using the additional space you left when you placed them, and remove your delicious chocolate candy from the mold.


Don’t be intimidated by the gorgeous detail chocolate transfer sheets add to your chocolate candy – they certainly make a big difference, but they are actually quite simple to use. Help your chocolate candies stand-out, for a special occasion or “just because,” by taking advantage of one of the many stunning chocolate transfer sheets available.

Create exquisite chocolate pieces or desserts with these chocolate transfer sheets.
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