Summertime Sweetness: The Ice Cream Mold Edit

Summer has arrived, which brings beautiful blue skies, amazing sunshine, and an abundance of fun outdoor activities! Stay cool this summer with delicious frozen treats you can make conveniently at home with our unique ice cream molds. Check out these summer treats the whole family will love (and have a blast making them together, too)!


Ice Cream Pops: Using the wide variety of ice cream molds we have available, you can make delicious, quick, frozen, summer treats – with all sorts of designs and recipe options. Try these yogurt fruits pops with our O’Creme Assorted Silicone Ice Cream Pop Mold, which offers three fun shapes in one mold! Ice-cream molds are a great way to make snack preparation a fun activity to do with your kids, partner, or friends! Find recipes & prepare them together, then enjoy them while you soak in the sun. With some fruit, yogurt, and some fun ice-cream molds, you can easily create a fun summer activity and tasty treat for everyone to enjoy!



Semifreddo: The idea of making an extravagant semifreddo as an at-home dessert may seem unrealistic, but that may be because you don’t have the right tools to help! Our semifreddo molds can help you make amazing semifreddo dishes with ease in the comfort of your own home. With one of our molds, you can seamlessly make a mocha semifreddo for the adults or this strawberry cream semifreddo that everyone will love. Once you have the right tool and flavor pairing, the possibilities of the semifreddo-style summer treats you can make are truly endless.


Ice Cream Sandwiches: Ice cream molds are also perfect to make at-home ice cream sandwiches, a timeless summertime favorite. With multiple shapes, like our round or rectangular ice cream sandwich molds, you can recreate any ice cream sandwich recipe at home! If you want to do a fun activity with the kids, use the Cuisipro Mini Ice Cream Sandwich Maker complete with a star, heart, and round cutter.


Chocolate Covered Ice Cream Bars: With the fun mold shapes we offer, you can make a chocolate-covered ice cream bar in a shape you can’t find on the freezer shelves in your local grocery store. Make a paw-some treat with our paw-shaped ice cream molds or give your loved ones yet another reminder that you care about them with our heart-shaped molds. With either mold, you get a perfectly sized chocolate ice cream treat, using ingredients of your choice. And if you want to keep it classic but customize the flavors use this classic ice cream mold.

When you’re ready to dip the ice cream bars, melt chocolate with a bit of coconut oil until it’s silky smooth. The coconut oil is what gives the chocolate that nice snap once it’s frozen! Remove the ice cream bars from the mold and keep them in the freezer. Run the mold under warm water until the bars pull out easily. Keep the bars in the freezer, on a baking tray lined with wax paper or silicone until you’re ready to dip. Remove them from the freezer one at a time and quickly dip them into the chocolate, placing them back into the freezer.


Popsicle Sticks: The same way there is a pot for every lid, not all popsicle sticks work for every mold. Make sure to buy popsicle sticks that fit snugly in your mold, and when you remove your sweet snack from the mold several hours later, you have a sturdy, convenient, way for the treats to be enjoyed.

No more running out to the ice cream truck when you hear them in your neighborhood – you can make your ice cream truck favorites at home! Using one of our many ice cream pop molds, you can make fruit or ice cream popsicles using any creative recipe you want! Your kids will delight in making their own dessert- turn your popsicle making into a family activity – they will have a blast getting to make their own frozen treats. You can also take advantage of ice cream molds to make an amazing semifreddo, ice cream sandwiches with any type of cake, cookie, or brownie in your recipe, or even chocolate-covered ice cream bars. With endless ideas of summer treats available when you purchase an ice cream mold or two, you will never want to buy ready-made frozen treats again!

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