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FMP Thermostat Dial BJWA, 150-400F

by FMP
FMP Thermostat Dial BJWA, 150-400F
Item No. 130-1017
MFR# 130-1017
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Replacement Dial for BJWA Thermostat Kit

• Fits Robershaw BJWA thermostats
• Supplied with "D" stem adaptor (no. 130-1064)
• Universal 4-way mounting

• For Cecilware griddle thermostat
• Cecilware nos. M044A, M044F

• For Jade BJWA thermostat
• Jade no. 300-157-000

• For Star BJWA thermostat
•Star no. 9499, 2R9499

• For Wolf BJ thermostat with dial
• Wolf no. 19408

• For US Range thermostat
• US Range no. 1224504, 224000

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