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Frogs Silicone Mold

Frogs Silicone Mold
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SILI FROG, 3-in-1 Mold for Ice/Chocolate/Gelatin. Each frog approximately 34mm front to back, 44mm side to side, 21mm high.

One morning when Pharaoh awoke there were frogs in his bed, frogs on his head, frogs on his nose and frogs on his toes. Frogs here, frogs there, frogs jumping everywhere.

Have fun with this sili-frog mold by making your favorite Passover treat, refreshing frog ice cubes, delicious chocolate frogs, colorful gelatin frog desserts.

You can bake, freeze and refrigerate this mold. Made of food-safe silicone. Washes with mild soap and towels dry.

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5 stars - (10 reviews)
What Fun! There is a real frog species that freezes during the coldest northern winters and then reinvigorates as the weather warms. I froze green tinted water and brought them to a wildlife biologist friend who laughed so hard that he cried. Excellent story for a scientist geek. Thanks!


By Catherine Markes, Michigan
Harry Potter Mold Exactly what I was looking for!

I purchased this mold to make chocolate frogs, inspired by Harry Potter. It worked very well although my first set of frogs were made of too-soft chocolate so when they were removed from the mold, their legs broke. the mold itself however works very well, is easy to clean, and makes very adorable frogs.

By Allyson Norris, Missouri
WOW! It's just what I needed. Perfect!!!
By Jay, Hawaii
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Average Customer Rating
5 stars - (10 reviews)