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2-1/2" Popsicle Sticks - Pack of 200

2-1/2 Popsicle Sticks - Pack of 200
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These sticks are not counted one by one for each package, but instead are placed on a scale until their weight matches that of the first 200 pack, whose pieces were counted.

2-1/2 inch long x 3/8 inch smooth natural-wood stick for ice cream pops. Not from Silikomart, but usable for its Easy Cream mini (like item GEL01MB) and other silikomart molds for mini ice cream pops (like items SETGEL01M, 03M and so on). Silikomart's stick is longer (2-3/4 inch) and narrower (5/16 inch). Its narrowness makes for a loose fit that is tightened when the ice cream freezes. The stick being sold here, by contrast, fits in snugly on insertion into the mold.

Material Birchwood
Dimensions and Weights
Length 2-1/2 "
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