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15% Off All Food Colors with Code: CLR15
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    Home  >> Equipment & Parts >> Parts & Attachments  >> Mixer Attachments >> Vegetable Slicer Attachments >> Alfa VS-888 - Includes Door, Housing & Pusher Plate ONLY

    Alfa VS-888 - Includes Door, Housing & Pusher Plate ONLY

    Alfa VS-888 - Includes Door, Housing & Pusher Plate ONLY
    Item No. VS-888
    Price: $499.25
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    Alfa VS-888
    For GS-12 and VS-12 units

    VS-99D (door)
    VS-99H (housing)
    VS-99P (pusher plate)

    ALFA's NSF-approved VS-888 housing, door and pusher plate set are the foundation for making a GS-12 grater/shredder or VS-12 vegetable slicer power attachment. Used on the power hub of mixers, choppers and power drives. Just add ALFA’s VS-12DH disk holder or VS-12KDS slicer knife assembly and you have the #1 aftermarket version of Hobart’s VS9.

    Unit is made of heavy-gauge polished aluminum and fits on size-12 Hobart-compatible power hubs (a #22 version also available). Hardened shafts are machined to close tolerances for superior performance. Easy to disassemble and clean.

    VS-888 fits Classic Hobart, Legacy Hobart, Globe, Univex, Varimixer, Precision, Thunderbird and Intedge Mixers.

    6-month warranty by Alfa, but HAND WASH -- do not place in dishwasher as this can/will seize the unit and void the warranty.

    Not qualified for free shipping

    Alfa VS-888 - Includes Door, Housing & Pusher Plate ONLY Average Customer Rating
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