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15% Off All Food Colors with Code: CLR15
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    Home  >> Equipment & Parts >> Parts & Attachments  >> Dough-Divider Parts / Dough-Sheeter Parts >> Divider-Rounder Molding Plate 36 Part # 46 - Erika 11/30, Item Number S066/2

    Divider-Rounder Molding Plate 36 Part # 46 - Erika 11/30, Item Number S066/2

    Divider-Rounder Molding Plate 36 Part # 46 - Erika 11/30, Item Number S066/2
    Item No. DRP-46
    Price: $128.50
    In Stock
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    All our divider-rounder plates are made in West Germany to OEM (original equipment manufacturer) specifications. Will not crack easily.

    This divider rounder plate comes with 36 hole shapes made to shape a big chunk of dough into small equal 36 pieces of round dough balls ready to process further. Automatic, for Erika Record.

    Not qualified for free shipping

    Material Plastic
    Divider-Rounder Molding Plate 36 Part # 46 - Erika 11/30, Item Number S066/2 Average Customer Rating
    4.3 stars - (3 reviews)
    Different plastic this time We often order this rounding plate from Bake Deco because the plastic is harder and does not get cut up by the divider. This time we got dark red plastic that gets cut and flakes off onto the bread dough. After a few weeks the shedding stops but its not ideal.
    By AJS, NY on December 30, 2021
    Amazing My brother and I own a bakery and an employee broke our last tray for our divider rounder. We were in desperate need of one. These fit even better than the trays that came with the machine. Perfect snug fit and does the job even better than before. Amazing quality
    By Joshua Stillwagon, PA on November 22, 2021
    Fast Service! The item arrived exactly as described and when expected. It fit in our machine perfectly, not needing to be trimmed at all.
    By Karen, Milwaukee, WI on October 26, 2017
    Our Customers Say...

    Average Customer Rating
    4.3 stars - (3 reviews)