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KREA Swiss LM3 hotCHOC Heated Chocolate Spray Gun 230V (UK)

KREA Swiss LM3 hotCHOC Heated Chocolate Spray Gun 230V (UK)
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Krea Swiss is the same familiar brand/manufacturer you’ve known as Krebs. Only the name has changed. The company has not, and neither have its products. They are made by the same people, in the same country, and under the same quality controls.

The LM3 hotCHOC gun, a heated chocolate spray gun: No need to reheat the container every few minutes. No rush to spray. No more worries about clogging nozzles and awkward nozzle reheating with a hot-air blower.

The Krea Swiss hotCHOC sprays a mixture of 50 percent chocolate, 50 percent cocoa butter at temperatures from 82F to 95F (28C to 35C), a special heating unit keeping the chocolate fluid. To help maintain the temperature, a built-in metal suction tube transmits the chocolate's heat, and a sleeve encasing the nozzle provides insulation. The resulting slowed-down rate of cooling allows you to work for up to an hour without needing to reheat the container.

The 40W power settings and nozzle & piston sizes enable a thin layer of material to be sprayed, with minimal overspray or noise compared with other sprayers and airbrush systems. This handheld electric chocolate sprayer can be used for final coverings, prepping molds, speckling pralines or adding decoration or thicker layers to cakes or other desserts.

The hotCHOC (LM3) includes: 550ml container, bent nozzle extension, nozzle-heating unit, container & heating-unit insulation sleeves and round jet nozzle R6. Other nozzles also available but sold separately.

  • Constant warmth--no dried food clogging the nozzle
  • Container insulation lets you work for up to an hour without reheating the container
  • Simple, reliable and easy to use--no compressed air needed
  • Reduced power setting enables gentle spraying for velvety effect and without blasting your masterpiece off the table

Delivery rate max (water): 120 to 200ml/min
Viscosity max: 20 to 28 DIN/Sec
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An essential tool for any professional chocolatier, artisan or pastry chef.

The hotCHOC can also be used for other food types--glazes or other low-viscosity materials--though performance and results will then vary.


The Krea Swiss food sprayers are used to apply oil, butter, egg wash, chocolate and viscous food materials, the sprayers provide enormous time and material-usage savings for professionals in food-prep environments. The many thousands of Krea Swiss clients include executive chefs and pastry chefs at the some of the world`s best restaurants, fast food chains and commercial bakeries.

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Note: The hC (LM3) hotCHOC spray gun is not suitable for industrial use.
It must therefore rest at intervals and be used no longer than 3 minutes within any 8-minute period. A maximum of 550 ml of material may be sprayed within a 3-minute period, after which a 5-minute total resting (cooling) period is required before the sprayer may be used again. Should the spray gun be intermittently used for periods of 20 to 30 seconds at a time, then a resting (cooling) period of 5 to 10 seconds is sufficient. Failure to adhere to the usage & resting (cooling) periods will reduce the lifetime of the sprayer.
Tool Type Heated Chocolate Spray Gun
Wattage 40
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