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L. Tellier Birds Nest Fryer Basket

L. Tellier Birds Nest Fryer Basket
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Bird Nest Fryer Stainless Steel, 4" Diameter, 2 Pc

"Bird's Nest" Frying Basket creates an impressive presentation every time.

  • When serving vegetables, seafood or creamed chicken, try using a fried nest of julienne-cut potatoes for a new twist.
  • This bird's nest maker is a strainer like devise that consists of two small frying baskets.
  • Place noodles, shredded or julienne potatoes in the bottom basket and press the top basket down to flatten the food and then deep frying until crispy and golden brown.
  • Results are fried noodles or vegetable basket in the shape of a birds nest, which can then be filled with other ingredients.
  • The bird's nest fryer form comes in two parts held together by clips to shape the julienne or sliced potatoes while frying.
  • Half of the bird's nest maker can also be used as a vegetable strainer.



Material Stainless steel
Number of Handles 1
Pack of 2
Shape Round
Handle Yes
Handle Material Stainless steel
Dimensions and Weights
Diameter 4"
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