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Fondant, Gum Paste and Edible Supplies

Rolled Fondant is usually used to cover a wedding cake, resulting in a perfectly smooth, satiny surface. Rolled cake fondant is very versatile and is easy to shape into beautiful borders, flowers and decorations or it can be used to cover petit fours. Cakes covered with rolled cake fondant can be decorated with Royal or Buttercream Icing. Fondant is also the basis of many candies. It is the center of a piece of a chocolate buttercream candy or other creams, the gooey juice that gushes out of a chocolate-covered cherry, the center for pecan logs, fruit cordials, candy corn and creams, to name a few. For your trivial interest, the word fondant originates from fondre, which means to melt, named so because fondant melts in your mouth when eaten!