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Staub Cookware

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To ensure constant and optimum performance in the most demanding conditions, and to bring out the most in the taste of your food, Staub places a uniform demand on and subjects all its products to the harshest tests. But the products of Staub are not alike in beauty and color. Though subtle, the differences are there and make each piece of cookware unique.

Better than any other material, cast iron retains and evenly diffuses heat. All of Staub's colored or matte-black-finish products are enameled inside and out. This superior enamel coating improves with use: the more you cook with it, the better it gets.

Staub cast iron cookware is easy to clean: Wash your pot in hot water with dishwashing soap and a sponge. Although it is dishwasher safe (except when it has a wooden handle), Staub does not recommend dishwasher cleaning too often.

Staub offers a lifetime guarantee that is valid from the date of purchase for as long as you own the enameled cast iron product. The guarantee covers any manufacturing or quality defect, when the product is used under normal home conditions and according to the use and maintenance guide that comes along with the instructions included with the product. The lifetime guarantee does not cover normal product wear and tear or damage caused by incorrect use.