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Martellato Polycarbonate Chocolate Mold Heart, 30 Cavities

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    Each cavity 31x27mm x 14mm high. Overall size of mold 7 x 11 inches. Rigid, clear polycarbonate mold virtually break-proof.

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Each cavity 31x27mm x 14mm high. Overall size of mold 7 x 11 inches. Rigid, clear polycarbonate mold virtually break-proof.

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Cavities 30
Shape Heart

Is this mold dishwasher safe?
Yes, Martellato Polycarbonate chocolate molds are dishwasher safe. However, we recommend hand washing. Just run some hot water over the mold to remove the chocolate residue.

Martellato Polycarbonate Chocolate Mold Heart, 30 Cavities
Average Customer Rating
(6 reviews)
Traps air easily When is works, it is very well worth it. I have the best results then I press a thin white chocolate into the deeper line with my finger, and the finish with a dark chocolate. Just regular filling adds so many air bubbles (no matter how much I shake and tap), that I have toss upward of 50%. With the pre-fill of the deeper lines most of them come right. They could be a bit deeper, so I often have to add a heavier piece to get to my needed net. wt. per box... so they have added to my "out-of-the-regular-box" thinking/challanges. But I think I have found a solution.
By Craft-Chocolate, CA on February 3, 2021
Difficult, but beautiful This mold is harder to work with than any other mold I have, but the chocolates are beautiful and part of my regular line up. I've been using this mold for years with failures (surface imperfections and thin in places) and success, but there are a few tricks I've learned to ensure success. I always start with a couple extra molds so I can keep working if I mess up and need to trouble-shoot. 1. Use a higher viscosity chocolate, preferably dark. At least 4 drops viscosity. Something with cocoa butter around 40% by weight. This lets you work at higher temperature too, where viscosity will be lower. 2. Work at the upper temperature limit for your chocolate to keep it in temper. My Selmi has a "swing" of about 1 degree Fahrenheit around my set point. I find it best to use while the temperature is near the top of the set point. 3. GENTLY warm your molds with a hair drier, just a little bit, if your room is beneath 72F. This helps the chocolate flow into the tight spots. Mold should not feel warm to touch, just not too cold. 4. Because the chocolate is so runny to work with this mold, only hold upside down for a 2-count if using a vibrating table, otherwise there will not be enough chocolate to fill all of the contours and you will have a weak top. After emptying and letting stand a minute, inspect each mold. If you see light coming through any of the contours, you should fill the mold again with chocolate. This time, dump immediately without worrying about bubbles since the visible surface is already formed. 4. During that 2-count upside down, quickly inspect for bubbles in the chocolate. If they are large or there are more than a few, then fill the mold with chocolate and set aside to cool. When cool, empty and put the chocolate back in your machine to reprocess. Do not get tempted to fill the hollow molds with your filling if the surface is bubbly. Just start over. Otherwise, you'll wind up throwing away a lot of chocolate and filling.
By Jules at Dulce D Leche, MA on February 4, 2019
Air bubbles Hard to get these perfect because of the thin scroll at the top air bubbles get stuck
By Holly, CA on May 21, 2018