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Somerset Turnover Machine SPM-45

Somerset Turnover Machine SPM-45
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Somerset Turnover Machine SPM-45 New

SPM-45 Turnover Machine

Somerset Turnover Machine - Meeting the High Demands of the Food Service Industry

The Somerset turnover machine gives you the edge you need to create unique food products quickly and easily. It can help you prepare food items such as calzones, spinach pies, meat pies, Pattie cakes, turnovers (apple, cherry, etc.), fruit pies, boeregs, stromboli, and many other mouth-watering delights!

The Somerset turn over machine increases your productivity by removing the guesswork from specialty food creations. It folds, crimps, trims, and seals foods while reducing dough or pastry waste. If you own a restaurant, pizzeria, cafeteria, or other food service business, you'll love the ease and quality of the turnover machine and your customers will love the results!

How it Works

The turnover machine is a type of Somerset specialty equipment that complements other Somerset machines such as the dough press or dough roller. It operates by simply turning a manual handle. In operation, dough is placed on the die, filling is added, the handle is turned, and the finished product drops at the bottom. The Somerset turn over machine comes with molds or dies in various shapes and sizes (at extra cost) so you can offer a variety of specialty food items to your customers.

This product is USDA approved and listed.

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