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Martellato Kit for Shaping Edible Flowers, with Cutting Sheet of 8-Petal Flower

Martellato Kit for Shaping Edible Flowers, with Cutting Sheet of 8-Petal Flower
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Steps for using this kit:

To start, flatten the paste with a dough sheeter.

Place the cookie-cutting sheet on your work surface, sharp side up, and dust the sheet with powdered sugar to help you later remove the paste without resistance.

Drape the sheet of paste on a rolling pin and lay the paste (without pressing down) on the cookie-cutting sheet.

So far, the sheet of paste is intact. Before you break it up into flowers, you need to keep it from sticking. Here's where the non-stick sheet of silicone enters the picture. Lay it out (shiny surface down) on the sheet of paste you've laid on the cookie-cutting sheet.

Now you can press. Gentle pressure does the trick.

Now that you have your flowers (minus their center), peel off the silicone sheet, stand the cookie-cutting sheet on its end and remove the remaining paste.

Time to give the flowers their curvature. For that you have two plastic trays, one with dome-shaped dents, the other with flattened cavities. That latter tray is for crafting wider flowers

Before you use that tray, prime it with powdered sugar (just as you did with the cookie-cutting sheet).

Each of the cavities serves as a stand and a mold to let you shape the flower and give it your personal signature.

An airbrush (not included) and food color (not included) serve to give the flowers added accents.

The dome-shape-cavity tray is suited for taller flowers.

Altogether this kit includes the cookie-cutting sheet (measuring 16" x 24"), the two different flower-forming trays (each of them 16" x 23-3/4") and the silicone mat (15-3/8" x 23-1/4").

To make the flower's center, you need a tool that's not in this kit. It's part of our marzipan sets, the 9-piece one and the 15-piece one.

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Cutting Shape 8-Petal Flower
Kit content cookie-cutting sheet
Kit content Flower Forming Trays
Kit content silicone mat