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Designer Stencils Decorating Stencil Holiday Cupcake/Cookie Tops

Designer Stencils Decorating Stencil Holiday Cupcake/Cookie Tops
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  • These design, each measuring 1.9" in diameter, are made of 10 mil plastic for high-quality, professional, repeat use.
  • These designs are made of 10 mil polystyrene in a one layer stencil.
  • This Decorating Stencil can be used with royal icing, fondant, butter-cream, chocolate or any spreadable material
  • It can also be used on top of any cake surface that isn't wet
  • For butter-cream, make sure the surface has a dry skin or is chilled in the refrigerator and is not tacky or sticky.
  • The best surfaces are rolled fondant, royal icing and pastiage (like rolled fondant, but sets harder).
  • Stencils can also be used for decorations on petit fours, cookies, mints, chocolates and other confectionery items.
  • When baking bread, use a stencil to brush on an egg wash or glaze before baking, or use as a pattern for seeds, grains or dusting powder.

    Ideas for using Decorating Stencils:


  • Place Decorating Stencil directly on the top and/or sides of the iced cake surface
  • Lay the stencil over the top of the cake and hold in place
  • Using a polystyrene trowel, smooth a small amount of icing over the openings
  • Gently pull off stencil
  • Clean stencil and let icing dry
  • To color, align the clean, dry stencil over the embossed icing and hold in place
  • Use an air brush to apply colors, masking off the surrounding area of the cake and board to prevent overspray
  • Dusting sugar works well with stencils too
  • Instructions included
Material 10 mil polystyrene
Number of Layers 1
Design Holiday
Dimensions and Weights
Diameter 1.9"
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