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Mini Bagel Divider & Bagel Former, Used

Mini Bagel Divider & Bagel Former, Used
Item No. USD-B-145A-145B
Price: $4,400.00
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Bagel Former and Bagel Divider/Scaler, Sold Together, Used

Bagel Former

Dimensions Electrical Specs
100"W x 20"D; 30" Adjustable Ht 60Hz

Bagel Divider/Scaler

Dimensions Electrical Specs
74"W x 27"D; 57" Adjustable Ht 220-110V, 60Hz


This bagel machine is time proven. It's fast, strong and reliable, for the production of mini, bagels . The divider has a scaling range of 1 to 12 ounces and may be used independently to divide many types and textures of dough. Variable knife speed assures you of the proper dough piece shape for all sizes and weights of your product. The bagel former is designed to work in conjunction with the divider but may also be hand fed.

  • Produces up to 3600 pieces/hour
  • Rotary knife action
  • No heat transfer from machine to dough
  • 4-foot infeed conveyor for high capacity
  • Variable speed on knife allows you to adjust dough piece shape for the best possible end product
  • 20" turntable for easy accessibility and planning
  • Easily adjusted pressure plate
  • Mounted on casters for easy movement and cleaning
  • Cutaway frame allows easy cleanup

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