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Nordicware 41100 Spring Lamb 3-D Cake Pan

Nordicware 41100 Spring Lamb 3-D Cake Pan
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Start a fun Easter or springtime tradition with this innovative 3-D aluminum cake mold, which measures 7-1/2" top to bottom by 11-1/4" side to side by 3-1/2" high. A deceptively simple way to create an amazingly detailed confection, the two-piece oven-safe mold results in one adorable freestanding lamb cake that makes a stunning centerpiece for family gatherings or holiday celebrations. Furthermore, the baked cake can be frosted as realistically or simply as desired—with a bit of imagination and creativity, coconut flakes can become curly lamb fleece, chocolate chips or brown candies can be used as eyes, and tinted buttercream or a handful of pink sprinkles can instantly become soft little ear interiors.

To use, simply brush with vegetable shortening and dust with flour prior to filling. Fill each half of the mold with any variety of cake batter, bake according to the packaging directions, and cool completely. Once removed from the mold, the cake halves can be joined with icing, cream-cheese frosting, or buttercream, and then decorated as desired. The pan should not be used with metal utensils, scouring pads, or abrasive cleaners. It cleans up easily by hand with warm, soapy water.

Two pieces create a freestanding cake. Easy to bake and decorate. Makes a 3-dimensional stand-up cake. Proudly made in the USA by Nordic Ware.
Material Aluminum
Oven Safe Yes
Bottom Style Solid / Fixed
Dishwasher Safe Yes
Shape Animals
Nordicware 41100 Spring Lamb 3-D Cake Pan Average Customer Rating
5 stars - (1 reviews)
Happy Customer - Good Memories I got this package n am so happy to have one of my own bcuz my Nanny has made it since I was very little till she passed away! My sister got this lamb cake pan! Can't wait to makem very soon! Thank you, Deanna Genske
By Deanna Genske, LA on March 21, 2017
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Average Customer Rating
5 stars - (1 reviews)