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Pavoni "Progetto Crostate" Perforated Stainless Round Tart Ring 2-3/4" (7cm) Dia. x 3/4" (2cm) High

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  • 2 centimeters high and 7 centimeters diameter
  • Heavy duty stainless steel material
  • This product is dishwasher safe for cleaning and sanitation
  • Round shape durable for frequent use
  • Works well with acetate strips
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Pavoni "Progetto Crostate" Perforated Stainless Rounded Square Tart Ring, 6.5cm x 2cm High (2.5" x .75" H)
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Progetto Crostate ("Project Tarts") Ring/Band/Frame

  • Brushed finish
  • Thickness 1/32 inch (1mm)
  • Hole size 3/64 inch (1.2mm)
The work of Pavoni in concert with Chef Gianluca Fusto, Progetto Crostate rings are designed for making tarts not only with minimal toil but also with optimal taste and appearance.

The holes make your pastry adhere to the ring during baking, the adhesion keeping the pastry edge from collapsing.

No worries about sticking, as long as you grease the ring before you insert the pastry dough--the ring disengages from the tart before the baking is over.

Form fresh tarts and tasty treats in this heavy duty, stainless steel tart ring! The round design allows for molding perfectly circular tarts or layering on delicious toppings! The perforated style gives your completed treats a professionally appealing look. This durable “Progetto Crostate” tart ring is made of high-quality stainless steel and is perfect for freezing, baking, or filling in desserts. The bottomless feature allows pastry chefs to easily remove beautiful tarts and carefully transition them from ring to plate. This tart ring is dishwasher safe and long-lasting for years of usage!

Using Crostate Rings


Material Stainless steel
Shape Round
Style Perforated
Dimensions and Weights
Height .75''
Diameter 2.75"
Pavoni Progetto Crostate Perforated Stainless Round Tart Ring 2-3/4 (7cm) Dia. x 3/4 (2cm) High
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