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Silikomart "Mul 3D Egg" Multiflex Silicone Mold

Silikomart Mul 3D Egg Multiflex Silicone Mold
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Silikomart "Mul 3D Egg" Multiflex Silicone Mold

2-piece mold. This includes a White silicone bottom and a transparent silicone top to enable you to see your dessert at its progressive stages of preparation.

Each egg measures 1.9" in diameter x 2.87" high (50mm diameter x 73mm high) with a volume of 3.38 oz (100 ml)
The Tray measures 4.73" x 15.74" (12mm x 40cm)

The see-through top has a hole in each cavity to let you fill it without separating the two silicone parts.

Create flawless 3D Egg Desserts for Easter or any other special event.

Temperature resistance of silicone -60 to 230C (-76 to 446F). Can be put in oven, refrigerator and blast chiller, too.

Material Silicone
Maximum Cold Resistance -76° F (-60° C)
Maximum Heat Resistance 446° F (230° C)
Oven Safe Yes
Cavities 5
Color White
Freezer Safe Yes
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