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Fat Daddio's Anodized Aluminum Round Springform Pan, 10" Dia. x 3" Deep

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  • 3 inches high and 10 inches diameter
  • 18-gauge Anodized Aluminum Material
  • Coated in long-lasting non-stick coating
  • Removable bottom and safety spring lock sides
  • This product is dishwasher safe for cleaning and sanitation

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Our Fat Daddio’s springform baking pan is the perfect pan for cooking sweet cakes, pies, and other confectionary treats. Made of 18-gauge anodized aluminum and constructed with a stainless steel lock-and-latch, this pan is ideal for sealing in your batters and easily transitioning to the oven. The round shape and removable bottom feature ensures an evenly heated and cooled cake resulting in a delicious finish. This springform baking pan is non-stick and dishwasher safe for easy cleaning. The Fat Daddio’s springform baking pan comes in multiple sizes for baking a variety of desserts for multiple occasions!

Care of Anodized Bakeware (PDF)

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Dimensions and Weight
Exterior Height3"
MaterialAnodized aluminum
Bottom StyleLoose / Removable
Coated / Non-StickStick
Oven SafeYes

What's the highest temperature that can be used when baking with these pans?
We recommend that you bake at a lower temperature because our pans tend to heat up faster, due to the fact that the metal is even all the way through. We don't have any thick or thin areas due to stretching the metal as many pans have. After anodizing, there no pits in the metal. Again, this results in more even baking. Cakes baked on a lower heat tend to be a better crumb and texture. Lower and slower is a good rule of thumb when baking in general. So our pans heat faster and cool quicker than most, for the same reasons listed above. We are a much better, well rounded pan.

Is the pan dishwasher safe?
Hand wash; the dishwasher will ruin the finish. It would be still safe to use, but will not look the same.

Can I use a cooking spray, or do you recommend butter and flour?
You can use a spray as long as it does not include olive oil. We recommend Baker's joy or butter and flour.

Do I need to wash the pan before I use it?
Yes, wash the pan prior to first use.

Fat Daddio's Anodized Aluminum Round Springform Pan, 10 Dia. x 3 Deep
Average Customer Rating
(2 reviews)
Quality Made Tired of the cheaper coated springform pans peeling no matter how I babied them. They still work but they rust. Never more with these pans. The quality of these pans would put them at heirloom category if cleaned and cared for. They will outlast one user. Nice fit of the bottom to the side ring. I've noticed complaints that some people had unacceptable butter leakage when baking a crust. The problem is not the pan seal but that the bakers are using too much butter in the crust. The pan seal is not sold as liquid proof. Buy one you will enjoy it.
By Mark, TX on April 20, 2023
Great quality Great quality
By Sophie, MA on September 27, 2022