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Martellato Chocolate Leaf Comb, 80mm

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  • Stainless steel
  • Makes 8 leaves at once
  • 80 mm. leaves

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Martellato Chocolate Leaf Comb
A stainless steel tool designed by world famous pastry chef Frank Haasnoot to create chocolate decorations easily and with amazing consistency. Use this Comb Tool to create leaves out of chocolate that can be used for decoration on, cakes and desserts.

How to use:

  • Take some baking paper or plastic sheet, stick it to the table using some alcohol or oil.
  • Dip the tools into tempered chocolate, tap the tool a bit to remove some of the chocolate.
  • Turn the tool upside down and push the chocolate on the baking paper or plastic sheet.
  • Lift the tool up gently and slowly remove the tool away from the decoration.
  • Leave it to set at 20oC for several hours before removing the decoration from the baking paper/plastic sheet.

Martellato Chocolate Leaf Comb, 80mm
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