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Electro Freeze - Twin Serve Twist Ice Cream Machine - USED

Electro Freeze - Twin Serve Twist  Ice Cream Machine - USED
Item No. USD-88TN-CAB
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Electro Freeze - Twin Serve Twist Ice Cream Machine USED

 Good Condition

9 Year Old Approx

Well Maintained

Water Cooled Condencing Unit

3 Phase

220 V

Electro Freeze - Twin Serve Twist

MODEL 88TN-CAB - the "TWIN SERVE" with its three spigot head, dispenses two flavors top to bottom in a "twist" or a side-by-side split , or either flavour separately. The "Twin Serve" head design allows two operators to dispense simultaneously from this unit.

The original TWIST freezer with all the cost saving features that only the DUKE patented pressurized system and self-contained refrigerated mix storage cabinet can offer.

REFRIGERATED MIX CABINET- Located in the lower portion of the freezer eliminate constant filling of mix reservoirs. Place the mix carton into the cabinet , or fill the mix containers, insert the mix tube from each mix transfer system and you are ready to make product , automatically.


NIGHT SWITCHES- permit you to close shop at the end of a business day and all the mix in the Freezer (cabinet and cylinders) will remain under refrigeration, ready for operation the next day.

CLEANING AND SANITZING- Time and procedures reduced to a minimum with the 24 hour refrigeration.

PATENTED MIX PUMP - The most dependable yet simplest pressurised system in the industry. Easily adjustable to get the desired overrun.

Remember, Air Belongs in ice cream, it always has. It's to both yours and the customer's advantage to serve a consistently cold, firm, smooth textured, quality product with the highest possible overrun. The Electro Freeze adjustable pressurised system will permit you to do this.

CYCOLAC DISPENSING HEADS- the finest insulating material, NO frost NO drip. Easy pull down handle, adjustable for dispensing speed.

BEATER BLADES- Plastic, durable & long wearing , eliminates heat producing metal-to-metal contact as well as metal content in the product.

PANELLING- top, front and sides are stainless steel.


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