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Dexter-Russell 31621 Basics 10" Blade Cimeter Knife
Dexter-Russell 31621 Basics 10" Blade Cimeter Knife
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Our Customers Say...
Dexter-Russell 19790 Stainless Steel Dough Scraper Rosewood Handle 6" x 3"
It just feels great to hold on to. A fine tool indeed.
Loren, Wisconsin
Dexter Russell 16180 Offset Spatula Rosewood Handle, Blade Size 1-3/4" x 10"
I bought this particular offset spatula above the others offered since i for more a wider blade (at least what i use it for) I use this one for half cutting and then lifting not as much for spreading like I use the smaller / thiner blades.

I bought the Wood blade even though it can get ruined with washing etc... but I do like the grip and feel of the handle. It gives a feel of full control when I lift the pie or hot quiche dish.

Janey Keth, AZ