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H.L. Unico Empanada Fork Pastry Sealer
H.L. Unico Empanada Fork Pastry Sealer
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Our Customers Say...
H.L. Unico Empanada Fork Pastry Sealer
I read all these comments and realized the frozen dough discos comes in a few sizes. I use Goya Regular size only and it worked perfectly! I would love it in other sizes too.
Carolina Apunte, New Jersey
H.L. Unico Empanada Fork Pastry Sealer
First of all we love empanadas', this fork is an amazing kitchen tool, tool of all foods, can be utilized as creative utensil, sealing, mixing and mashing, etc. Saves time, no hand cramps :), perfect seal and not to mention the elegant finish pastry design which is great for entertaining. I use it for both when cooking for appetizers and as side dish. You can make any filling you want from soup to nuts, lol. Major plus when you have to make large quantities which is quite often around the holidays, reunions, get togethers, for your "she-shed" events and FOOTBALL season. I have purchased the empanada fork for all my family and most of my friends (my cooking friends), because WE all know food taste better when someone else COOKS it and $$$'s for it. I highly recommend this fork, definitely brings people together in many ways!
Ann Margaret Speciale, New Jersey