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5-Wheel Adjustable Dough Divider

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Dont buy..don't throw money Bad quality! The wheels swing from side to side, does not do the same lane!
By Eliska, DC on July 11, 2021
Not all wheels lock - depending on the size I like that the width goes from 1/2" on up to 4". The central locking bolt does not lock the distance on the outer wheels, so you have to hold the outsides at the proper width with your hands. If one is going for 4", that's not a problem, but smaller widths might be a little tricky. But it doesn't cost a fortune, so there's that.
By Susan, TX on August 25, 2017
Works like a charm! My use of the bicycle cutter is to make perfect sized pierogi (Polis dumplings) instead of my hand cutting. It works like a charm although it takes a little getting used to with regard to putting enough pressure on it to cut through the pasta completely.
By Mickie T., IL on November 28, 2015