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Edlund Can Opener #1 W/ Plated Steel Base - Extra Large

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4.8 stars - (4 reviews)

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Amazing! Should last a lifetime. Opens those large cans in one swoop. Amazing!
By J. S., KS on May 21, 2017
Very Solid Sturdy. Solid. Gets the job done efficiently. Would not manage without it.
By R Olnez, LA on December 18, 2016
Strong Can Opener It would not turn the can unless the blade is seated all the way down into a can. No big deal at all. All around a pretty good opener. And I see there are replacement blades for this. So was good buy.
By Thomas L, Texas on October 11, 2016
Hard to Break Definitely more reliable than my other can openers. This seems to be hard to break. Durable and Strong. Should have invested in this one from the start.
By Steve M, CA on May 18, 2016