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Cuisinart Large Pusher and Sleeve Assembly for MP-14 and DLC-2014

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4.7 stars - (22 reviews)

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Just ticket Best replacement part for my Cuisinart DLC-314 for the price.
By Bruce Eustis, New York on August 3, 2023
Perfect Replacement! Part was exactly what I needed, shipped fast, great service!
By GMartinez, VA on April 4, 2020
Back in business I have a 20 y/o die-cast metal, 14-cup Cuisinart. There was nothing wrong with it except the pusher was cracked at the top of the metal pin. My husband had hot glued it multiple times, but it finally gave up the ghost. Other sites only sold used pushers, at a much higher price. When one enlarges the photo, they already are cracked at the top of the pin. This pusher is brand new and an excellent value! Shipping was an amazing 3 days. Thank you Bake Deco!!
By Debbie, CA on January 24, 2020
Good quality product Wish it were less expensive. But the pusher/sleeve fits well with my older cuisinart.
By y, NJ on September 6, 2019
So glad to find this! Had real trouble replacing just this one element of my Cuisinart Food Processor and and SO happy that I found it here at an affordable price. Thanks!
By S. Szymanski, NC on August 1, 2019
Perfect replacement I didn't realize how tough it would be to find the replacement pusher & sleeve for my food processor. I am so glad I found Bake Deco! My package came quickly, the items were wrapped very well and the price was super reasonable. Thanks so much!
By Cara, Indiana on July 2, 2019
Cuisinart replacement part This part fits perfectly and was all we needed to keep our existing appliance like new!
By RC, New Mexico on June 24, 2019
Better Than The Original! Fabulous
By Fake Master Chef., Louisiana on April 12, 2019
Wrong part This part did not fit our model C-2014.
By James, Ka sas on February 5, 2019
Customer Service and then some! Our original order was stolen from our mailbox and this company mailed a replacement without charge! Where are you going to find customer service like this! Five stars!
By PWhite, Vermont on January 14, 2019
Exactly what I needed... My pusher for my 20 year old cuisinart broke. Found the part through bakedeco.com. Works and fits perfectly. Item arrived quickly.
By Aging28, MA on January 12, 2019
Parts ordered and received The part didnt fit our food processor.
By Paul S Wright, OH on November 25, 2018
Great So glad to find the right replacement parts! Best price online and works better than new.
By John, NY on November 23, 2018
Perfect! This part is a perfect replacement for my Cuisinart Cast Metal MP-14 machine. This part is oval, without a flat side, which is exactly what my machine needed. It shipped quickly enough from a backorder and arrived well packaged and intact. Customer service let me know about the backorder status promptly and the wait was very reasonable. I am very satisfied. Thank you!
By LLynch, washington on November 12, 2018
Great replacement, works wonders We were "gifted" a Cuisinart but it was missing the pusher and sleeve. We went online found it at BakeDeco for a good price. Shipping was fast and safe. Part worked perfect.
By Thomas, Kansas on July 16, 2018
Excellent service Only place I could find the part I needed for Cuisinart food processor that is no long available. Got it in a few days.
By Toby Spitz, NY on June 29, 2018
Cuisinart Large Pusher and Sleeve I was thrilled to receive my new pusher. I was using my old pusher that was cracked because I had been told it could not be replaced. Im thrilled with the new piece because it feels stronger than the original pusher. Now I dont have to purchase a new machine.
By Biscotti Babe, California on June 21, 2018
Everything fits, like having a new processor! Daughter loves it!
By ettel, NJ on June 16, 2018
Cuisinart Pusher and Sleeve assembly Exact replacement. Excellent service, extremely fast response and delivery. Will definitely order from you again.
By Betsy D, Texas on March 4, 2018
Great service This component is apparently no longer in production, and is essential for the machine to work -- it contains the connection [to the connection] to the motor. It's a perfectly good machine, and discarding it for want of the part would have been infuriating. I don't know how Kerekes has these in stock, but I'm grateful.
By I.B., CA on February 22, 2018
Communication and Customer Service are top notch! I received an email stating the item I ordered was out of stock and did I want to keep it on backorder for 5-7 days. I was not in a rush for the replacement part for my Cuisinart and appreciated the them to giving me an option to keep or cancel my order. My replacement part arrived before the five days and was a perfect fit.
By CK, Texas on January 19, 2018
Cuisnart Large Pusher and sleeve Excellent! It was a replacement part and it was exactly what I was looking for. Easy to order and delivered right on time.
By Catherine, California on November 24, 2017