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Cuisinart Work Bowl with Handle for 14-Cup Food Processor, DFP-14 Series

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3.9 stars - (13 reviews)

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So happy to find this replacement I especially appreciate the comments about the tightness of the fit and the suggestions so much better than the info from Cuisinart themselves
By Mary Beth Einerson, OH on January 25, 2022
Perfect Easy to replace bowl to my Cuisinart food processor.
By Sue, CO on December 6, 2021
Cuisinart Bowl 14 cup I received the order but I have a problem with the bowl. It will fit my machine but the bowl and my old lid do not fit so it is of no use to me. I have tried many times to call your business and have not been able to get anyone. I am trying to reach you so this can be resolved.
By Dian Goldwire, GA on October 4, 2018
unavailable from Cuisinart Gift to daughter. She now has a like new processor. Loves it!
By ettel, New Jersey on June 16, 2018
Cuisinart Work Bowl Didn't fit / didn't work
By Bill Bumpus, CA on May 3, 2018
Replacement parts for older DLC-PRO We were very pleased to get our order of parts for our old cuisinart food processor. Everything fit perfectly. I don't understand why we could not find these parts on any Cuisinart site but found them on yours.
By Kathe Sabine, Oregon on January 22, 2018
Replacement bowl The recommended replacement bowl will not work with the existing cover
By Paula Rogers, Florida on October 28, 2017
Exactly what I needed Initially, I was confused by the description -- did I or did I not need a new lid as well? I did -- and this company was gracious enough to extend free shipping for the purchase of the matching lid -- now my Cusinart looks like new!
By Natalie M, New York on September 4, 2017
Replacement bowl Unfortunately this didn't fit my Cuisinart D D.C.-7 so I've had to return it. However, customer service is outstanding.
By K Collins, Washington on June 1, 2017
Cuisinrt New DFP-14N Series When you are ordering this bowl you must replace with the matching lid. ( it will states it on the bottom, when viewing the product ) . Extremely happy with it!, fits my 2010 cuisinart base perfectly.

A little bit pricey but cheaper then buying a new unit. Excellent shipping!

By Vikki, Florida on October 9, 2016
14 Cup Work Bowl It didn't fit the other parts to my 14 cup Cuisinart and I will return it.
My bad, I didn't read the description carefully
By Walda Besthoff, LA on August 11, 2016
Heads up seller Product very good and seller informed me of a me of other part would need as well. I appreciated that.
By Richmo, Illinois on July 25, 2016
I'm thrilled I was able to get the 14-cup bowl, but... it doesn't fit exactly right. The bowl is very hard to put on the base of the machine (even harder than the original bowl). And the old cover won't go on the new bowl. My husband is going to follow the instructions from an Amazon reviewer and use his dremel tool to modify the bowl a little to make it work. Just know that this bowl won't work with the original base and top without some modifications.
By Cindy, Michigan on June 25, 2016