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Cuisinart FP-631AGTXT1 Work Bowl with Handle 7-c.

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4.2 stars - (4 reviews)

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Cuisinart Replacement parts Extended the life of my food processor
By Dee, Oklahoma on May 4, 2022
Perfect replacement part Exactly as advertised . Perfect replacement for my food processor.
By Marilyn, Illinois on January 1, 2021
The cusinart bowl I bought this replacement bowl to fit an older cuisinart model. The model number is similar to the older one except for the last number. Turns out this replacement did not fit. The company was nice enough to let me return it. For new customers, buy the top as well as the bowl, and make sure it is for the right model.
By Susan, PA on January 25, 2018
If you have an older FP, this won't fit your lid! Be warned -- if your food processor is an older one, like mine is, this bowl has an extra piece on it that prevents your original lid from fitting onto it! The older model bowl is FP-630AGTX, and although this item is sold with the same model number, it is actually FP-630AGTXT1 (this is the new manufacturing model number). It doesn't say so on this web site, so I had to also buy a new lid to fit the new bowl. On the upside, the customer rep at Bakedeco.com was very nice about it. She gave me a 15% discount for the lid, since it didn't specify this on the site, and sent it free of shipping charges.
By PDXCook, Oregon on July 14, 2016