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Wilton Round Angel Food Cake Pan Aluminum, 10" x 4"

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4.7 stars - (7 reviews)

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wilton round angel food cake pan I used this pan now. It work is great!!!
By patricia hunt, ohio on April 20, 2019
10 Plus Years I have been using mine for over 10 years and still making perfect Chiffon cakes. I will be making another order soon as they are not available in Thailand.
By William Stevens, Colorado / Thailand on August 31, 2017
Not good Unable to remove glue around the bottom ridge. Leaked when used as well as cake stuck to side of pan & fell apart.
By Cathy, NY on January 2, 2017
Best Cake Pan EVER! This was exactly what we were looking for to replace one of a " new design " concept that we had nothing but troubles with. We had one just like this one for years but had discarded for the said new type. First angle food cake out of the tried and true alum pan came out beautiful. This is the only one you can count on for perfect cakes!
By bearside, Wisconsin on August 15, 2016
very good Used this pan for a pound cake & it baked even. My husband put it in the dishwasher I'm sorry to say it turned white. Hope it wasn't ruined.
By Janet, Florida on March 2, 2016
Crandalls They are simply the best, I need to order 2 more! Thank you!
By Judi Beck, Illinois on August 13, 2015
Small Cake Pan Haven't had the opportunity to use this yet, but I like the idea of smaller cakes (since there is only 2 of us).
By RJ, KS on December 9, 2014