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Ateco Round Cutter, Stainless, 1-3/4" High

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4 stars - (6 reviews)

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Very good A bit flimsy, but seems to do the job.
By Susan, South Carolina on March 11, 2021
Flimsy. Will not hold round shape. This cutter is made from thin material. It was not round when we got it and it's too flimsy to hold a round shape. Probably not bad for cookies or biscuits, but much less useful for cutting things that have to fit into other molds.
By Tom S, IL on June 29, 2018
Great product - Variety Use I purchased 32 of these cutters for my bakery to use for a variety of things from cutting pastry to cooking things on a griddle, great product!!
By Sara, Maine on August 10, 2017
Average Product The side band was flimsier than I ever imagined and was slightly bent in an oval because it was very thin metal. I ordered this sight unseen as It was what my daughter-in-law thought she wanted. I would have preferred a different one that was more traditional and heavy duty. It will be fine for sugar cookies, but I do not think it will hold up to 40+ years of biscuits like mine has.
By Experienced baker, NM on December 30, 2016
Great Works really good and great quality too.
By Janice, LA on February 25, 2016
Size Perfecto Very good quality. Just the perfect size for what I needed.
By Nana C, New York on February 8, 2016