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Lorann Oils Pecan Flavor, 1 Oz

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Pure Real Pecan Flavor I used 1/2 teaspoon of this flavoring in a cake where I did not want to add actual chopped pecans but wanted that flavor in it...it gave that pure pecan flavor in the background. I have looked for pecan flavoring for a long time. So glad I found this one. Looking forward to using it for chocolate candy too.
By Dennis Villadeleon, Louisiana on January 2, 2021
Really adds a nice flavor This really increased the pecan nuttiness of my pecan pies--I've also added to French toast and cookies--delicious!
By Snytii, Ny on November 28, 2016
Perfect! This is true pecan flavor... without the nuts. Perfect added to oatmeal cookies and shortbread
By Aviya, N.Y on December 29, 2014
Nothing else will do I tried this out one day during a cookie shopping spree and used it to perfect my rolled sugar cookie recipe. My store ran out, and before I had time to track down the product online...I used an emulsion from a highly recommended professional baking store. BIG MISTAKE. This flavor is the ONLY flavor I will put in my cookies- everyone raves- pastry chefs have asked me what I do to make them so tasty! Ha! Don't buy 1- stock up friends- you will be glad you did!
By Kristina Toddy, Arizona on March 28, 2013
Best Flavor in my Sugar Cookies! I have tried many flavors- and this one is my secret weapon of choice! Everyone loves the flavor of my cookies. I recently tried another professional emulsion- and it was more $ and tasted "chemically" - I will never try another brand!
By KToddy, AZ on March 13, 2013