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Wilton 415-0182 Pearl White Swirl Cupcake Wraps, 18Pack

  • Laser-cut cupcake wrappers in a loop and swirl pattern from Wilton add elegance and style to your everyday cupcakes and muffins.
  • Wilton's swirl cupcake wraps require some easy assembly, and fit most standard sized cupcakes.

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    Cupcake Wrap Lovely accents for cupcakes. A pretty pearlescent finish to paper. The weight is equivalent to that of card stock.
    By Isabel, Texas on May 31, 2018
    Recommended for Weddings & Special Occassions I would recommend these for weddings or any special occassions like upperclass parties.

    As I bought them for my upcoming wedding (Yay Me!) and tested a few of them to see how they work and to make sure that there's no hassle working with them.

    I would say though that the picture here has more of a shiny or pearly Look but it's not so in real.

    The assembly was extremely easy and they are super adorable even without the shine they add a touch of flare in their design alone

    By Priscilla Hsu, CA on December 10, 2015