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Baking Silicone Glazed Aluminized steel Loaf Pan, 10" x 5" x 3" Deep

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5 stars - (7 reviews)

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Very good, heavyweight Very nice, the crust surface against the pan browns evenly with the exposed crust (at least in my oven.) Bread, babka, they come out easily and beautiful.
By Zev, Wisconsin on February 4, 2018
Great pans Perfect for 16-22 oz bread loaves. After thirty minutes the loaves fall out cleanly. Then they go back on the oven rack for a great crust. Superior product.
By Elvis, MD on August 12, 2017
Baking Silicone Loaf Pans I've only used it once, but I love them
By LCRife, VA on March 10, 2016
The only pans I use I love these pans. Nothing sticks, easy to clean and nice looking.
By pmiker, Texas on April 6, 2014
Great potica pans My old potica pans were needing to be replaced and these are exactly what I wanted. The quality is great.
By Potica baker at Christmas time, Colorado on November 12, 2013
Large Loaf Pan Love this pan. Much nicer slices of tea bread in this longer thinner pan. Between 12 and 14 slices per pan. I love it!
By Cathy, Maine on August 30, 2013
Great Pans Bar none, these are the best bread baking pans ever made. I literally wore out my first set of them by daily use over the years. Bread just falls out with no pan prep and no mess. Heavensent.
By Judy Brezina, Washington on July 12, 2012