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Matfer Suede Baking Mitten 16," 1 Pair

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Here's the Beef We've got a pair of these mittens at home and I can report they're top tier.
Beautifully made, they're beefy, highly protective, long enough and I would live in them if they were gloves rather than mittens.

As a professional baker, I really need gloves for the added dexterity. My husband, however, is not a professional baker but does make our home bread and will only use these mittens. If all I needed to do was take hot pans out of the oven I would too. But I need to be able to move all my fingers for my kind of baking.

My one quibble with these mittens (especially considering the price) is that inexplicably, Matfer hasn't seen fit to include any way to hang them up. It drove me wild for a good while until I talked our handyman into adding a metal grommet to the end of each and was then able to put a piece of string through the holes and to hang the mittens from a hook. I can't conceive of what Matfer was thinking by omitting this final design piece. I mean, who keeps their gloves in a drawer?

By Kate J. Weiner, New York on May 21, 2017