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Polycarbonate Chocolate Mold Assorted 36 Cavities

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Love for the Polycarbonate Chocolate Mold Love this mold. I'm a beginner and this mold is just the right weight, and size. Also the variety of patterns is great. Actually, I may purchase another one with different sizes.
Highly recommend this one!
By Sylvia, Michigan on October 11, 2016
A must buy!!! This is a wonderful product, just love it...this is a must buy if you're a candy maker!!!!
By Sandik, PA on December 1, 2015
Amateur Work very well
By Ken Hamilton, Tennessee on December 18, 2014
love it i love to make chocolate candies. i enjoy this mold a lot since it gives various shapes on one mold. most important thing is the shipping is fast, arrived on a timely manner.
By KC sheldon, florida on September 16, 2014